3 new varieties have recently been added to the Andros Chef high fruit compote range

3608580882190 - Figue d'accompagnement 1 kg Andros Chef

PURPLE FIG high fruit compote

Purple figs that have been gently stewed to bring out their unique and distinctive flavour, ideal in both the simplest of dishes (desserts in a glass) and as an ingredient for inserts.

3608580904656 - Coing d'accompagnement 1 kg Andros Chef

QUINCE high fruit compote

Packed with generous pieces of succulent stewed quince, this new preparation is ideal for use in both sweet and savoury dishes (desserts in a glass, inserts, etc.).

3608580922483 - Nectarine blanche d'accompagnement 1 kg Andros Chef

The last innovation in the range of Andros Chef ‘s High fruit Compotes: the white nectarine

White Nectarine just cooked, just “compote” for a rendering close to “home made”, slightly sweet, for the accompaniment and the composition of desserts.