Andros is a very proud supporter of some of the most prestigious culinary competitions.
These competitions, organized by Chefs for Chefs, make substantial contributions towards the mastering of techniques, and as much towards their transmission, through the new vocations that they might encourage.

These events, along with some of the smaller initiatives that Andros supports, are essential to the preservation and to the enrichment of the professions they represent. They carry with them important values that our company shares.

coupe du monde de glacerie
Tradition Gourmande
Truffe Sarlat 2019

French Team at the World Gelato Cup 2018

The French Team was led by the two Best Craftsmen of France: Chefs Joseph Aimar and Elie Cazaussis who complies two very prestigious titles: World Pastry Champion 2003 and Best Ice Cream Craftsman of France 2004.


The World Gelato Cup 2018 took place from the 20th to 23rd of January 2018 at Rimini in Italy during the Sigep show. The French team won the title against 12 teams from 5 continents.


With Chef Romuald Fassenet as coach, the French Team and his candidate Matthieu Otto embark on months of intense preparation for the Bocuse d’Or 2019.


The Michelin-starred and best Craftman of France Chef Romuald Fassenet, regular at the competition is now the coach of Matthieu Otto who will represent France at the Bocuse d’Or Europe on 11st and 12nd of June 2018 in Turin.


Yohann Chapuis, assistant coach, also joined the team as well as Louis de Vicari who will officiate as a commis Chef during the events.


Without waiting, the first work sessions have already begun, under the presidency of François Adamski, another Chef already holder of the Bocuse d’Or and Best Craftsman of France.

For the training of the candidate, a dedicated space was even made available by the Ferrandi school in Paris.

« The French Team devotes all his energies to allow the candidate to prepare himself for the coming competitions * in the best conditions, ” says its President, François Adamski.

* the selection step in Turin in June 2018 before the prestigious final in Lyon in January 2019.

Official US Team Sponsor at the World Pastry Cup!

In January 2019 during the Sihra show in Lyon, like every two years, the Finals of the World Pastry Cup will put an end to the two-years long process required to select the best teams Worldwide. If the US team, being a regular at the podium in recent editions, is automatically selected for the Finals, many other teams will still have to make their way to the Finals through upcoming regional selections: in April for the South-American and for the Asian selections, in June for the European one.

We wish the US team to repeat their outstanding performance of 2001, whey won the Gold!

Andros is particularly proud through its brand and products Andros Chef


to support the competition UN DES MEILLEURS OUVRIERS DE France PÂTISSIER et GLACIER,  nationally and internationally recognized competitions.  

We are all proud to prove our commitment to the recognition and evolution of the profession and to support professional enthusiasts who make excellence a goal and with whom we share values of exigency, rigor, precision, quality and creativity ….



The city of Sarlat in Dordogne, the Rougié and Pébeyre companies, created in 2010 the “Jean Rougié Trophy” to
allow young people to exercise their talent around two emblematic products of the French gastronomy: foie gras
and truffle.
The 9th edition of this competition, open to young students of cooking schools, was held on
January 20.
This year again, one exceptional jury composed of Michelin starred chefs and chaired by Regis
Marcon (3-stars Michelin chef and 1995 Bocuse d’Or) gathered in Sarlat and volunteered their
time to share their passion with young apprentices. The event is covered in the national press,
including one story this year on the TF1 national TV channel.
For the second time Andros sponsored the event. It is a rare opportunity to meet renowned
Chefs from France (and from all-over Europe this year) and to spend two days in their company around one central
and unique theme: good food. The limited circle of sponsors also includes, beside Rougier and Pebeyre: Valrhona,
Bridor, Lavazza.

Congratulations to the winner and his teacher!
We would also like to congratulate Yoann Chabanol, high school Lesdiguières (38), accompanied by his teacher Alain Fauconnet, to whom Andros Chef awarded the special cold dish prize.

École hôtelière de Lausanne - Partnership

Since 1893, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) has been a pioneer in terms of managerial training for careers in hospitality. A worldwide reference, EHL pursues its mission to select ambitious and talented students and train them to become the responsible leaders of the future. EHL has established one of the largest and most dynamic professional networks of alumni around the world. This unique community consists of 25,000 industry leaders, all of them brought together by EHL’s values and culture.


 Sharing the same set of values, Andros Group naturally became a strong partner of the school this year, supporting the celebration of its 125th birthday. This celebration includes over 300 events around the world, including an amazing Gala in Paris on the 3rd of February which gathered over 1’800 alumni. On campus, Andros is present in the students everyday’s life, with Andros and Bonne Maman products being available in the various points of sales; Andros Chef products gaining popularity in the kitchen and bars; the company attending the 2 career fairs as a potential employer, and last but not least, working with graduating students on real business cases (Student Business Projects) for our brands and products development.


This partnership provides Andros with a unique visibility and access to an elite network of professionals around the world while being an education partner for the future hospitality leaders: our clients and prospects today and tomorrow.